Starting fresh

In December 2015, my boyfriend Matt and I bought 40 acres near Tallarook.

We need to build a house before we’re allowed to live there, although there is a very well-equipped shed on the site already. So for now we get to spend the time that we do have at the property marvelling at our views, chipping away at long-term projects like revegetating remnant bushland or stabilising eroding banks, planning what we might eventually do for some of the big ticket items like housebuilding, suggesting schemes that range from fairly mild (build a mountainbiking track) to reasonably wild (convert a grain silo into a writers’ cabin/spare bedroom and stash it up on the hill where there are even better views), and pottering around doing right-now projects like growing vegetables or building things.

Morning over the Goulburn Valley

This blog is in many ways for me; it will make me document progress, lack of progress, and hopefully keep compelling me to take photos (and ideally take better photos) as the place evolves – already I can see how quickly it will change, and how hard it’ll be to remember how it once was. And how quickly things that are novel (kangaroo tail prints on the driveway!) become normal. It’s nice to look back and remember how exciting things were, I think it helps keep you in a state of wonder.

It’s also for family and friends who want to check in with our progress. I’ll make sure there’s a tag just for them so that they can read the condensed, progress-only version without having to wade through my gardening updates!

And as with all blogs it’s also for someone out there who might be wondering what it’s like to live a different life to their own, to see that others face entirely recognisable and entirely unfamiliar challenges in their life, both of which I find equally comforting when I’m reading others’ blogs!


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